You may request that we take preimmune bleeds from a group of animals prior to any injections so you can examine them for background activity. This allows you to choose the animals with the most desirable background for antibody production. This is especially important for yeast proteins in rabbits. We charge you a flat rate per animal plus shipping that includes the bleed and up to 14 days of daily maintenance time to evaluate the bleed and let us know which animals are desirable for antibody production.

Please have your screening methodologies ready prior to requesting the prescreening bleeds to avoid fees. We reserve the right to charge maintenance fees for animals not chosen within seven days of receipt of serum. You may request any number of animals for prescreening, however, we suggest three for every one animal you want to use for antibody production. We only charge you setup fees for animals that you choose for antibody production! Submit your request for this service by submitting a Client Information Form and contact us with the species and number of animals you wish to screen.