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Ready to start a new project?

  • Do you have antigen ready to go – or is some work needed first
  • Do you need a peptide designed from your protein sequence
  • Do you have a peptide sequence picked out
  • Do you already have the peptide and need it to be conjugated
  • Are you not sure

General Instructions on How to Start a New Project.

  1. Obtain and complete the Client Information Form.  We need to setup an account before we can start any service. 
    Client Information Form

  2. Apply for a Purchase Order from your purchasing department. We also accept Visa and MasterCard.
  3. Download this form:
    Polyclonal Antibody Order Form


  4. If you are sending us antigen for antibody production, include the antigen along with the Forms. There is generally no need to send the Forms in advance.
    Send to:   


    306 Dutch Hill Road
    Canadensis, PA 18325
    Shipping Suggestions
  5. If you are having PRF&L design and / or make your peptide, submit the Form via email or fax. 
  6. When we receive the antigen / forms, we will review the materials and then contact you with confirmation of receipt, ask any questions, provide you with a start date, and when you should expect the first shipment of serum.