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PRF&L can purify your sera using a variety of purification methods. Depending on the application of the antibody, purity and recovery will likely determine the strategy of purification. Our staff will be happy to discuss your purification options and develop the type of purification that will provide the best balance between yield, purity, and cost.

Generally, our recommendation is to try the raw sera in your application before requesting purification.  In our experience, raw sera can work very well, saving you the time and expense of purification.

You can choose between affinity purification and protein A / protein G purification.

Affinity Purification 

We can affinity purify against either peptide or protein.  For peptide antibodies, free peptide (not conjugated) must be used.  For protein antibodies, pure protein should be used.  For example, if we use a GST protein for immunizations, cleaved protein should be used for affinity column.  Usually 2 to 5mg of peptide or protein should be reserved for the affinity column.

Protein A or Protein G purification can be utilized if pure antigen is not available.

As a bonus, the affinity columns we use will be good for several rounds of purification.   When we are finished with a purification project, we supply you with the affinity column we used so you can continue to purify more antibody on your own!