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FINALLY! Custom Antibodies in as Fast as 28 Days!

The Mighty Quick Protocol offers our customers the advantage of quality antibody titers in less time than is required in our traditional protocols. The Mighty Quick Protocol utilizes a proprietary reagent we call Mighty Quick Stimulant that accelerates the humeral immune response. The Mighty Quick Stimulant does not replace conventional adjuvants; it performs in conjunction with conventional adjuvants. With our specialized immunization techniques and optimized injection site placement, your antigen receives the best possible treatment for superior quality antibodies

The Mighty Quick Stimulant shows increase in antibody related cytokines at the protein and mRNA levels. Subsequently, there is an enhanced maturation of antibody producing B-cells and their transformation into antibody producing plasma cell. The Mighty Quick Stimulant induces an earlier switch in IgG isotopes from IgM to IgG1 and IgG2.  Finally, the Mighty Quick Protocol has successfully induced this increased response all seven of the species offered by Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory.

These antibody responses at day 28 have been shown as equal or superior to the response that we see at day 70 in our 70 Day Antibody Production Protocols. We inject an Immune Stimulator along with the standard antigen preparation, along with an accelerated immunization schedule. We combine our proven technique with a new immune stimulator to get the same antibody faster.
    Why use the Mighty Quick Protocol?
  • The Mighty Quick Protocol works with all of our species
  • The Mighty Quick Protocol works for many antigen types.   If the antigen will make antibodies in a traditional protocol, it will make antibodies with the Mighty Quick Protocol
  • You get the same quality antibody in four weeks as you get in ten weeks.

    How Does is Work?

    When the Immune Stimulator is injected into animals it stimulates induction of cytokine cascades which closely resemble cytokine cascades, as seen during early stages of immune response.   As a result, the animal is more prone to producing a faster and strong immune response.

    What is the Immune Stimulator?

    The Immune Stimulator is a proprietary product.  However, we can tell you that it is a 2.5 kD molecule that, when injected into animals, induces cytokine cascades that lead to activation of immune cells involved into humoral immune response to alien antigens.  This makes the animal more responsive to the antigen.    Traditional adjuvants, such as Freunds, work by changing the immunogenicity of the molecule or the way it is presented to immune system.

    Are traditional adjuvants used?

    YES, both the Immune Stimulator and traditional adjuvants are used together because both have different functions.  The Immune Stimulator has been used with Freunds Complete, Freunds Incomplete, Titermax, and Pam3cys.

    Is it safe for the animals?

    The Immune Stimulator is safe for the animals.  In our experience, we have found no adverse reactions.

    How many injections with the Immune Stimulator?

    For the 28 day protocol;  three injections.  For the 49 day protocol;  four injections.  When the project is extended for longer periods, we boost with traditional methods.

    I have tried unsuccessfully to make antibodies to a ….

    The Immune Stimulator will not make non-antigenic antigens produce antibodies.  If your antigen has not made antibodies in a traditional protocol, it will not make antibodies with the Mighty Quick Protocol.    If you feel your antigen is a poor candidate for antibody production and you still want to try, we suggest using our 70 Day Antibody Production Protocols.

    Can I buy some of the immune stimulator?

    No, the Immune Stimulator is not for sale.