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From your lab to ours

Do I need to use dry ice when I send you my antigen?

Send the antigen at the conditions that you feel that the antigen will remain most stable. As a rule, most proteins should be shipped on Dry Ice. Peptides and conjugated peptides in solution can be sent on ice packs. Gel slices should also be sent on ice packs. Most lyophilized antigens are stable at room temperature and can be sent without any ice at all. Cells are usually sent with ice packs. Antigen bound to nitrocellulose membranes can be sent at room temperature.

How much dry ice is enough?

Generally, three pounds of dry ice is plenty. Use a styrofoam container with walls at least 1 inch thick. Even if the package is delayed one day, three pounds is enough for the extra day of transit.

How should I send Gel Slices?

We suggest putting the gel slice into a conical or eppendorf tube with a few drops of distilled water. The idea is to keep the gel moist in transit and in storage. Estimate how much gel there is in the tube. Send using a styrofoam box using a few ice packs to keep it cool. Please do not emulsify the gel, allow us to do it. Also, do not aliquot the gel as it is easier for us to work with it in one unit. Please do not freeze gels - sometimes they are difficult to work with after freezing.

What carrier should I use?

We suggest sending all perishable antigens overnight. We suggest using either FedEx or UPS  as they come to our facility daily.  We generally receive all packages by 4 PM Monday through Friday; our area does not have AM delivery.  Please avoid using the USPS (United States Postal Service) for antigen shipments.

When should I send you antigen?

Please ship to us on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, so that we can expect to receive on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Please do not send perishable antigens on Thursdays. Even the most reliable carriers can have delays, so if the package that you send on Thursday is delayed one day, it will not come here until Monday.

What is your shipping address?

Shipping address is:
Pocono Rabbit Farm & Lab
306 Dutch Hill Road
Canadensis,  PA  18325

Can I have my antigen come to you on Saturday?

No! All the overnight carriers will not deliver to our town on Saturdays.