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Immunochemistry Services Price Schedule


Assistance in Peptide Sequence Selection

PRF&L will select antigenic peptide sequences corresponding to the optimal antigenic domains using the protein sequence that you supply. After consultation with you regarding your project's goals, our expert staff will determine optional domains that are most likely to generate an antibody that will work best your specific application.  Suggested animal host(s) will be determined.  
A detailed report will be provided.
$250 per protein analysis

Custom Peptide Synthesis and Conjugation

Package prices include at least 10mg for sequences up to 20 amino acids and 4mg conjugated to KLH. The peptide must contain a terminal cystine. If peptides do not contain terminal cystine, contact us for pricing. BSA and OVA are also available for conjugation at the same prices.

Peptides & Conjugation

80 percent purity

85 percent purity

90 percent purity

95 percent purity

Over 95 percent purity

Up to 20 amino acids, 10 to 14mg of peptide





By quotation

Additional Amino acid over 20, per amino acid





By quotation

15 to 20mg of peptide

+ $4 per amino acid

+ $4 per amino acid

+ $4 per amino acid

+ $4 per amino acid

By quotation

Modified peptides such as phospholoration are available.  Please contact us for a quote.

KLH Conjugation for customer supplied antigens

Up to 4mg of peptide conjugated to KLH - $325
Each additional mg conjugated to KLH - $57
Second carrier conjugation (BSA, OVA) at the same time – up to 4mg - $225

ELISA - Screening for Titer

Samples run in duplicate and actual titer reported.  Recommended that minimum of two bleeds are tested; the desired sample along with either the preimmune or previous immune bleed.

$55 per sample

Affinity Purification

Antigens, either peptide or proteins, are linked to affinity matrices.  Sera is then affinity purified.  Multiple passes are run over the column. Price is based on volume of sera purified per batch. 


Initial Purification

Includes binding column

Repeat Purification

using the same column

up to 25ml sera



26 to 50ml sera



51 to 100ml sera



 Over 100ml sera

 By Quotation

  By Quotation


Protein A or Protein G Purification

IgG, protein A or protein G will be purified from sera.  Price is based on volume of sera purified per batch and run over host specific columns.

Volume per batch 

Price per batch

up to 5ml


6 to 25ml sera


26 to 50ml sera


 51 to 100ml sera


 101 to 200ml


 Over 200ml

 By Quotation


Purification from Egg Yolks

IgY will be purified from egg yolks by the polyethylene glycol precipitation method. 
$245 for the first four egg yolks per batch
$20 for each additional egg yolk per batch when added to four yolk batch.
Affinity purification of IgY is available for an additional (four egg batch) - $399

Affinity purification - additional yolks - $80 each

Total Protein Assay

BCA or Bradford Method.
$125 per sample

Sample Dialysis or Buffer Exchange

$95 per sample up to 10ml