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Sera is shipped frozen on dry ice via FedEx Priority Overnight Service within the United States.  The charge is the same, regardless of the number of samples in the package.  If you prefer that sera samples to not be frozen, request via the ordering form and we will use ice packs instead of dry ice.  The price includes both the FedEx charge and packaging. 

  • Zone 1 - $54
  • Zone 2 - $71
  • Zone 3 - $82
  • Zone 4 - $91
  • Outside the United States – By quotation & see below


Sera and Antibody Shipments Outside of the United States

Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory is able to send antibody products many locations outside of the United States.  We are in compliance with Regulation 1069/2009 and Regulation 142/2011 that enables us to ship to the European Union.  We are listed on TRACES as PA-TEC-0009.

Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory guarantees that we will send antibody products to locations outside the United States using our "best efforts" of our knowledge of the regulatory environment at the time of shipment.

Due to the dynamic nature of regulations, we will not make any guarantees for successful delivery of your antibody products. We strongly recommend that you advise us of your local customs regulations well in advance of shipment to avoid delays or additional charges.

Due to the required effort for international shipping, we will invoice you for permits, certificates, transportation charge, taxes, box charge, and an administrative fee.  The administrative fee will vary from $50 to $400 depending on location and the items shipped. Also, we will not be responsible for any taxes that are charged directly to you.