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Pocono Rabbit Farm & Laboratory

Price Schedule for Monoclonal Antibody Production

including Ascites Production

effective 10/1/2015

Monoclonal Antibody Production by In-Vivo Methods (Ascites Production) - $399

Price per cell line, includes cell line preparation (when provided with Mycoplasma free live cell line) for immunization into 5 Balb/c Mice ( or another hybridoma specific strain maybe additional),  all necessary procedures and husbandry for a typical production run which is based on removing ascites fluid a maximum of 3 times per mouse followed by euthanasia and disposal. Yields differ greatly between cell lines but if the line is a reasonable producer, 3 to 10 ml per mouse can be anticipated.

Each additional mouse added to production run by passing on the line from mouse to mouse - $65

Protein G Purification of Ascites Fluid
approximate yield 0.5 to 2mg or > /ml of neat ascites fluid.
25 ml or less - $325
up to 50 ml - $550
up to 100 ml - $725

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production by In-Vitro Methods -  $1,450

Yield of approximately 50 - 200mg per batch The customer's cell line is amplified using three liter tissue culture polyethylene bags. Monoclonal antibodies are isolated using a protein G column. Available only for IgG producing lines.

Other protocols are available and the success with a certain protocol is dependent on the cell line. Please consult with our technical staff prior to starting an in vitro project.

Initial Cell Culture - $375

When lines are supplied to us frozen.  We will culture, expand, and assess quality prior to ascites or in vitro production (ELISA method)

Amplification & Cryopreservation

10 vials at 1 to 2 million cells per vial per line, including storage for the first year in liquid nitrogen - $450
Each additional year of storage - $250

Mycoplasma Testing

First line - $350
Each additional lines to be tested at the same time - $150


First line / Antibody - $150
Each additional line to be tested at the same time - $75

Quantitation of Mouse IgG in hybridoma supernatant or ascites

First Sample - $250
Each additional sample at the same time - $75

Conjugation to Biotin or other targets (some targets may be more)

Conjugation of up to 10mg of antibody to biotin or other target - $450
Conjugation of same antigen to an additional carrier - $250

Antibody Titration by ELISA
10 - 20ug antigen needed per plate for coating
Protein concentration must be provided.

Need to know buffer conditions (any detergent?)

$55 per sample

Western Blot Assay
100ug antigen needed per lane

Protein concentration must be provided

Need to know buffer conditions (any detergent?)

Approximate molecular weight of protein of interest

First four lanes - $295
Each additional four lanes - $175
SDS Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis of Antigens
Four lanes Assayed
Sample run under non-reducing conditions
Coomassie Blue Stained Gels
100ug antigen needed per lane
Protein concentration and approximate size must be provided
Need to know buffer conditions (any detergent?)First four lanes - $295
Each additional four lanes - $175